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Joint problems in horses are the number one performance-limiting factor worldwide. 
In this series, I will be talking about the stifle joint. Each series will focus on a different joint or section of the horse
Alberto Rullan, VMD
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Below is a guide for horsemen and horsewomen to have a good understanding of stifle problems in horses, how can they affect their performance, and what can be done about them. This is by no means all the possible problems of the stifle. 

The Stifle Joint 

Medial Femoral Condyle Cyst
Treatmetns for this problem include:
Placement of a screw, direct injection ultrasound guided with stem cells, PRP, steroids and other products and/or rest. 
Lateral Trochlear Ridge OCD
The preferred treatment for OCD of the lateral trochlear ridge of the stifle is surgical removal. The prognosis is excellent. 
Lateral Condyle Cyst
Lateral Condyle Cysts. This cysts are relatively cuncommon and in my seldom cause lameeness. If it causes lameness, a screw placement is the most successful treatment. 
Calcinosis Circumscripta
This is called a calcinosis circumscripta 
Usually occurs around the stifle
Rarely causes lameness but if it does removal carries a good prognosis.  
Lucency medial femoral condyle
This is similar to the media femoral condyle cyst, except smaller. Usually, this lesion does not cause lameness. 
Spur proximal medial tibia
Small spur on the proximal medial tibia. This is an indication of mild stifle arthritis. 
Large OCD of the Lateral Trochlear Ridge
Large OCD of the lateral trochlear ridge can be treated with surgery follow up with regenerative therapies.   
Flattening medial femoral condyle
This is often pointed out when we read radiographs, however, the significance is very minimum. 
Medial trochlear ridge OCD
Arrows point to OCDs of the medial trochlear ridde 
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